4 Upcoming Image Comics That Should Be on Your Radar

Image Comics is having a stellar year, and with the news that the relatively recent Sex Criminals dominated sales last month I thought it was worth the time to peek up Image’s sleeves and see what else they’ve got in store.

The Wicked + The Devine

In the lead up to its release of the first Image Comics series we’ll deal with, writer Kieron Gillen (ThreePhonogramYoung Avengers) has conceded that “The idea of playing super-heroes as celebrity isn’t exactly new” but his upcoming title with artist Jamie McKelvie (PhonogramSuburban GlamourYoung Avengers) seems to be making it new with a fresh take, surrounding issues of power and celebrity.

The plot revolves around twelve gods reincarnated every ninety years but given only two years to live, perform miracles, and bathe in the stardom that follows them before they shrivel and die. This time, though, an obscure thirteenth God is on the scene.

With Gillen’s promise of drama and mystery, along with McKelvies incredible issue #1 covers, the excitement around this title is building, and with only a month until its release on June 18 there’s still a lot more to discover.

Bitch Planet

BITCH-PLANET-LOGO-final-2_2_web_With her work for Image on Pretty Deadly gathering acclaim, Kelly Sue DeConnick’s upcoming Bitch Planet has given the writer licence to explore her own love of the exploitation genre along with its problematic relationship with female representation.

Born from that relationship is a comic that’s part prison break, part sci-fi and part ’70s B-movie decadence, as it follows five female prisoners as they try to make their way out from the all-female penal planet they are incarcerated in.

With no release date insight for Bitch Planet and not a lot more information to go on, we can put it alongside LumberJanes and Rat Queens as an area the comics-world has been expanding lately.


lowJuly 30th is when Rick Remender (Black ScienceDeadly Class) and Greg Tocchini’s (Last Days of American CrimeUncanny X-Force) sci-fi dystopian epic Low is set to debut. It’s the tale of a scorched, uninhabitable Earth where the last humans survive in vast underwater cities.When a probe returns with information on new potentially life-saving planets for the humans to escape to, the clans must send up representatives to what remains of the surface-world to retrieve it.

While the plot paints a grand and large-scale story Rick Remender has been excited to focus on the personal aspects, stating “at its core [Low] is an examination of how one person’s optimism in the face of all of this hopelessness can potentially change everything for the better.”We expected great things from the mind of Black Science and with that cover looking straight out of Bioshock it’s going to be a difficult wait.

Supreme: Blue Rose

SUPREMEBR01_coverYou are not dreaming. We are trying to communicate with you. Local reality has been reinstalled. Things have gone wrong. The revision has corrupted. Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority. We are speaking to you from the ultimate bunker within the structure of multiversal time. Do not trust Darius Dax. We are all going to die.

I don’t know what to make of that either, but building off a world created by the minds of Alan More and Rob Liefeld, Supreme: Blue Rose looks intriguing and with an amazing jumping-off point it will be interesting to see what new directions writer Warren Ellis and Elephantment artist Tula Lotay expand into. Supreme: Blue Rose is set to hit shelves on July 23.

To keep updated on all these titles as they release stay tuned to Capeless Crusader!