ADVANCE SCOUT: Week of 6/14/16


Today continues ADVANCE SCOUT, where each week here at Capeless Crusader, we select a group of creator-owned and major release comic books which are deserving of our readers’ attention. These books represent some of the best work being offered in the comics industry this week.


Green Arrow #1

“Arrow #1”
(w) Ben Percy
(a) Otto Schmitt
DC Comics

This week continue’s DC’s newest major “event series” with more new number 1s including Green Arrow.  Green Arrow has never been a top tier character (much in the same vein as Marvel’s Hawkeye) but is one that the DC universe can’t go without.

If you haven’t read DC or Green Arrow before and you’ve never seen the CW’s Arrow, the gist is main protagonist Oliver Queen is a rich and well trained vigilante who fights to protect his city of Star City with the help of his signature green hoodie and bow and arrow a-la Robin Hood.

Also launching this week is Batman #1 from Tom King, giving Green Arrow one hell of a road to plow sales-wise.  Writer Benjamin Percy has promised that the new series “will be a politically and culturally relevant series” with stories that are “ripped from the headlines.”

We here at Capeless can’t wait to see where he goes with that promise.  If DC Comics truly has the guts to publish a mainstream series featuring one of their most high-profile characters in stories which deal with real-world issues, it’s something which deserves our support.




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