2012 NYCC IMAGE Comics Panel Tells All

Image publisher Eric Stephenson started the 2012 New York Comic Con Image Panel on Saturday, Oct. 13th by introducing writers Jonathan Hickman, Kieron Gillen, Andy Diggle, James Asmus, Jim McCan, and Jim Festante to the stage.

The announcments began with a new book called Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. Satellite Sam, also written by Fraction, will be drawn by Howard Chaykin. This time focusing on Chaykin, Stephenson mentioned an upcoming book by the artist titled Midnight of The Soul.

Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly will be working on a take of the popular 300 story entitled Three, a story about Spartan slaves with the 300 warriors hunting after them. “Basically the idea is like most things for a British man, came from me coming home drunk” joked Gillen. Apparently, Gillen got upset by a speech about freedom while reading Frank Miller’s 300. “#@$& off,” he said, “you people had slaves!”

Andy Diggle and Jock also collaborated on a new Image series entitled Snapshot, a story that, according to Diggle, is five years in the making. “It’s a chase book, basically. It’s the first work that Jock and I have done that is creator-owned” said Diggle. The person being chased is a comic shop employee who happens upon a hit man’s cell phone in a park. The phone is full of evidence of the hit man’s murders and he wants it back. The story can be seen now in black and white in Judge Dredd, but will later be released with colors by Lee Loughridge and lettering by Clem Robins, both of The Losers fame.

Alex Zamm’s projects were discussed next , with Stephenson showing images for The Surface and a May 2013 debuting series called Zero.

Up next was Jim McCan and Janet K. Lee’s Lost Vegas. Lost Vegas will follow Roland, an indentured servant aboard a spaceship casino who is forced into servitude after losing it all. Roland spends his time learning the ins-and-outs of the system and intends to escape.

James Asmus and Jim Festante spoke next about their January debuting series called The Life And End Times Of Bram and Ben. “Jim and I had been friends for a long time in the comedy world” said Asmus. “We got on this big kick about imagining what happens if the apocalypse actually happens… with our slacker idiot friends. We created a narrative that does that, pulling our two best friends into the heart of the end of times.”

Then Stephenson announced Ken Kristensen and M.K. Perker’s new book Todd, The Ugliest Kid in the World. In describing the book, Stephenson said, “Todd has a lot of problems, and he gets his family into a lot of problems. But if you like Chew, the artwork is amazing.”

Lastly, coming in March will be Jonathan Hickman’s FBN: Feel Better Now and will follow four psychologists who start toying with the people they help. Then, April brings Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta’s East of West, a tale about the horsemen of the apocalypse trying to kill the U.S. president in the future.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to Capeless Crusader for all your Image news!