ADVANCE REVIEW: “Sundowners #1” Superheroes Anonymous

Writer: Tim Seely Artist: Jim Terry Publisher: Dark Horse There’s a familiar refrain in Batman comics that you’d have to be absolutely crazy to perform the types of superheroics that Bruce Wayne More »

REVIEW: “Genius #2″ Art Colliding with Life

Writers: Adam Freeman, Marc Bernardin Artist: Afua Richardson $3.99 Publisher: Top Cow Productions / Image Comics I did not come to understand my brownness until I was staring down the barrel of More »

REVIEW: “Zero #10” Welcome to The Twilight Zone, Mr. Bond

Writer: Ales Kot Artist: Michael Gaydos Publisher: Image Comics I’m ashamed to say that twelve pages into “Zero #10,” the Image Comics series about an ex-secret agent from Ales Kot and a More »

In the Wasteland: Interview with Victor Gischler

This week Capeless Crusader’s Lindsey Bass caught up with writer Victor Gischler (Clown Fatale, Noir) and talked with him about his latest upcoming project Sally of the Wasteland from Titan Comics. Lindsey Bass: You More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: “Black Science #7″ A New Leaf

Written by: Rick Remender Art by: Matteo Scalera and Dean White $3.50 Published by: Image Comics Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Dean White are back after a short break, and “Black Science More »

Comic Book Market Maven: DC Ends July with Bang

The Big Two The fifth Wednesday of a five week month is usually pretty quiet in terms of sales, with all but a few lingering titles already released earlier in the month. More »

After Wednesday: Pure Imagination and The Incal

Of the possibilities that the medium of comics holds for creators, presenting stories of great imaginative depth is high up there. Just the thought of it makes me want to put on More »


REVIEW: “POP #1″ Manufactured Idol Worship


By Lindsey Bass

Writer: Curt Pires Artist: Jason Copland $3.99 Publisher: Dark Horse Many dream of a life filled with fame and fortune and work their asses off in hope of achieving just that. It doesn’t happen for everyone. A small percentage of us

REVIEW: “The Life After #2″ Divine Comedy?

REVIEW: "The Life After #2" Divine Comedy?

By Cody Mudge

Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art by: Gabo Published by: Oni Press $3.99 After a surprising debut, The Life After is back with Joshua Hale Fialkov penning another zany issue that works quite well with mononym newcomer, the artist currently

Last of Joe Quinones’s Big Trouble in Little China Covers On Sale September 3

Big Trouble Covers

By Elicia Sanchez

If you are a collector of rare variant covers, more specifically a collector of the limited connecting covers series comic artist Joe Quinones has designed for BOOM! Studios‘ title Big Trouble in Little China, you may want to mark September

Dynamite Entertainment Debuts New DRM-Free Digital Comics Program


By Elicia Sanchez

  Last Wednesday Dynamite Entertainment launched their new “DRM-Free” (DRM stands for Digital Rights Management) digital comic program in which some of their more popular titles are now available for direct day-of download. The selection as of launch day on

BOOM! Studios Partners with Fox Television


By Elicia Sanchez

After announcing last October they had partnered with 20th Century Fox to create feature films based off their popular comic titles, BOOM! Studios has announced they have recently partnered with Fox TV to bring certain comic titles to the small

REVIEW: “TMNT: Turtles in Time #3″ Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs


By Cody Mudge

Written by: Erik Burnham Art by: Ben Bates $3.99 Published by: IDW Publishing After brief trips to a prehistoric jungle and feudal Japan, the turtles are back and this time they find themselves on a pirate ship for some adventure

REVIEW: “Rai #4″ Far Out

By Cody Mudge

Written by: Matt Kindt Art by: Clayton Crain Published by: Valiant Comics $3.99 “Rai #4” is the concluding chapter to the opening arc of Matt Kindt’s and Clayton Crain’s take on one of Valiant’s iconic characters. Being an iconic character

ADVANCE REVIEW: “Dream Thief: Escape #3″


By Lindsey Bass

Writer: Jai Nitz Artist: Tadd Galusha Publisher: Dark Horse WARNING: There are small spoilers in regard to the plot of this issue ahead. You’ve been warned. Dream Thief: Escape has continued to intrigue me, which is probably why I’m reviewing

ADVANCE REVIEW: “Sundowners #1” Superheroes Anonymous

ADVANCE REVIEW: “Sundowners #1” Superheroes Anonymous

By Dave Buesing

Writer: Tim Seely Artist: Jim Terry Publisher: Dark Horse There’s a familiar refrain in Batman comics that you’d have to be absolutely crazy to perform the types of superheroics that Bruce Wayne engages in on a daily basis. The Joker

REVIEW: “The Empty Man #3” Creatures of the Mind

REVIEW: “The Empty Man #3” Creatures of the Mind

By Dave Buesing

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey Publisher: BOOM! Studios Through its first two issues, The Empty Man has been one of my favorite new comics. Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey have crafted a tightly-wound, believable world

Dark Horse Releases Free Comic Book About Earthquake Safety


By Elicia Sanchez

In order to promote earthquake safety in their home state, Dark Horse Comics (located in Milwaukie, OR) has teamed with the Oregon Office of Emergency Management to release a comic book featuring information on how to handle such natural disasters.

ADVANCE REVIEW: “The Delinquents #1” Most Exciting Valiant Book This Year

ADVANCE REVIEW: “The Delinquents #1” Most Exciting Valiant Book This Year

By Dave Buesing

Writers: James Asmus and Fred Van Lente Artist: Kano $3.99 Publisher: Valiant When word got out a short while back that Archer & Armstrong would be starring in their very own film, my initial reaction was both excitement and curiosity. Since

BOOM! Studios’ Two-Week Humble Bundle Offer Ends Tomorrow


By Elicia Sanchez

Just under two weeks ago, BOOM! Studios announced via their website that they would be partnering with Humble Bundle to offer an exclusive Humble BOOM! Bundle in which fans pay any amount to download digital comics of select BOOM! titles while also donating

ADVANCE REVIEW: “Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2″

ADVANCE REVIEW: "Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2"

By Lindsey Bass

Writers: Kent Osborne & Dylan Haggerty Artist: Mad Rupert $3.99 Publisher: Kaboom! Adventure Time never disappoints me. There is always something unexpected. Princess Bubblegum’s orders to have non-bananas join the academy was certainly unexpected. And we followed Captain Root Beer

Kirkman’s and Azaceta’s Outcast Goes to 4th Printing


By Joshua Epstein

The latest offering from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has been an instant hit for publisher Image Comics. The first issue narrowly missed out on a Top 10 finish for the month of June, and the second finished with a

Microwave Review: “The Field #3″ Delivers On Series’s Promise

Microwave Review: "The Field #3" Delivers On Series' Promise

By Asaph Bitner

Artist: Simon Roy Writer: Ed Brisson Cover Artist: Simon Roy Image Comics $3.50 (Print), $2.99 (Digital) NOTE: as usual with non-advanced reviews, there are SPOILERS.  When reading issues #1 and #2 of The Field, I became a bit concerned that