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comics and wartime

Comics and Nationalism: Super-Heroes Go To War

This article is the second in a series I will be publishing over the next several weeks on Comic Books and Nationalism. Each week I will be exploring a different era in American comic books, from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages into modern day.  . There are few things which test the power and […]

Star Mage #1

More than Five Questions with JC De La Torre

Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak with author and comic book creator JC De La Torre about his upcoming comic book Star Mage. For fans of action and adventure, not to mention parents of would-be or aspiring comic book fans, be on the look out, as the story revolves around a young boy who discovers […]

smallcover (1)

INDEPENDENT JONES: Creepy Scarlett Book One Review

This week, our indie comic showcase takes a dip into the supernatural side with Graeme Buchan’s Creepy Scarlett. Its titular character, Scarlett, is an interesting mix between Cassie Hack (of Hack/Slash fame) badassdom and a typical little-girl-who-never-grew-up trope. While she isn’t necessarily anything new or revelatory (more on that below), Buchan maintains a deft balance of comedic dialogue and fiery optimism […]

Coffee and Comics: What About The Other Guys?

Thanks for coming back to Coffee and Comics! Since our last discussion, Marvel Studios made an announcement that they plan to make movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe until at least 2028. That is a long time from now and it opens the flood gates for so many new titles it could make your head […]

Iron Man #23
(writer) Kieron Gillen
(artist) Luke Ross
Marvel Comics

POINT OF ENTRY: Iron Man: Rings of the Mandarin

If you’ve read many of my Point of Entry articles you’ll know that I’ve never had much experience with Marvel. Because of that, I’m trying very hard to branch out from DC (although I still love them) and learn more about the comic world. I’ve seen the Iron Man movies and I liked them. I […]


FRIDAY FANCAST: Marvel’s Black Panther

FRIDAY FANCAST: Marvel’s Black Panther

FRIDAY FANCAST is a regular feature where the staff here at Capeless Crusader offer up our dream actors and actresses for roles in films based on some of the best comics on the market. This installment of Friday Fancast speculates on the much-talked-about possibility of a new Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) picture being […]


ECCC 2014: Five Questions With Mike Kunkel on “Herobear and the Kid: Saving Time”

ECCC 2014: Five Questions With Mike Kunkel on “Herobear and the Kid: Saving Time”

We were lucky enough to catch up with Mike Kunkel, author and illustrator of the Eisner award-winning Herobear and the Kid series, at Emerald City Comicon and ask him a few questions. The first issue of the new arc, “Saving Time,” is available in stores on April 23, 2014. —– To start off, for those unfamiliar or too […]


Comic Book TV Buzz: Darwyn Cooke and Batman Beyond Return

Comic Book TV Buzz: Darwyn Cooke and Batman Beyond Return

ICYMI: this week writer and artist Darwin Cooke created a Batman Beyond short for DC’s continued 75th Anniversary celebration for Batman. Cooke worked as a storyboard artist for Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, and in 1999 he animated the main title design for Batman Beyond. Batman Beyond originally ran from January […]


Image Announces Release Date For Rick Remender’s “Low #1″

Image Announces Release Date For Rick Remender’s “Low #1″

Image Comics has issued a press release announcing the first issue of the new series by “Black Science” writer Rick Remender. Remender’s newest series, Low, a collaboration with artist Greg Tocchini, will debut on July 30, 2014 at the price of $3.99. Low is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure, showing readers what happens when explorers from deep-sea […]


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