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Cape Watch: The Fantastic Four and Flash Try to Recover, Superman’s Origins are Revealed, and Daredevil is Homesick

Welcome to Cape Watch, where we explore the most interesting and/or biggest releases of the week from the Big Two publishers. Without further ado, here’s what to look forward to from DC and Marvel for he week of April 23, 2014.   DC Comics ________________________________________ “Aquaman #30″ Written by Jeff Parker with art by by […]

Coffee and Comics: Amazon = ComiXology

Welcome to another installment of Coffee and Comics! We hope you had a great Holiday weekend. Or, just a great weekend, in general. Now that things have gotten back to normal, let’s do what we came here to do: get nerdy!  Many have been surprised by several announcements Amazon has made in the last few […]

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Comics and Nationalism: Super-Heroes Go To War

This article is the second in a series I will be publishing over the next several weeks on Comic Books and Nationalism. Each week I will be exploring a different era in American comic books, from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages into modern day.  . There are few things which test the power and […]

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INDEPENDENT JONES: Creepy Scarlett Book One Review

This week, our indie comic showcase takes a dip into the supernatural side with Graeme Buchan’s Creepy Scarlett. Its titular character, Scarlett, is an interesting mix between Cassie Hack (of Hack/Slash fame) badassdom and a typical little-girl-who-never-grew-up trope. While she isn’t necessarily anything new or revelatory (more on that below), Buchan maintains a deft balance of comedic dialogue and fiery optimism […]


Staff Picks: April 23, 2014

Staff Picks: April 23, 2014

Mike’s Picks Mind MGMT #21 – This is the one that sits proudly at the top of my list. If you’ve been reading Mind MGMT and are familiar with some of the press teasers, you know that this is the “Silent Issue” we’ve been hearing so much about. Sorry about the pun. Matt Kindt has […]


More Than Five Questions with Chris Roberson

More Than Five Questions with Chris Roberson

Last week I was able to exchange a few emails with author, publisher, and comic book creator, Chris Roberson. We spoke about his new book on Image Comics, Sovereign, how he manages his time, and what his current feelings are on the recent acquisition of ComiXology by Amazon. Be sure to check out issue number two of Sovereign when it hits […]


Comic Book Movie Buzz: The Avengers have Assembled!

Comic Book Movie Buzz: The Avengers have Assembled!

At least their chairs do. On a very active social media day for the blockbuster (as my buddy @marvelfreshman noted), Robert Downey, Jr. took a moment and a photo of the chairs of the stars of the Age of Ultron. Lights, camera, assemble! @MarkRuffalo @ChrisEvans #AvengersAgeOfUltron pic.twitter.com/X972pscJCz — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 23, 2014 His […]


Image Announces Release Date For Rick Remender’s “Low #1″

Image Announces Release Date For Rick Remender’s “Low #1″

Image Comics has issued a press release announcing the first issue of the new series by “Black Science” writer Rick Remender. Remender’s newest series, Low, a collaboration with artist Greg Tocchini, will debut on July 30, 2014 at the price of $3.99. Low is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure, showing readers what happens when explorers from deep-sea […]


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